C 6. Damage caused by storage and handling

Damages that, regardless of the reason for their development, have significantly changed the document during subsequent storage and handling and caused the condition of the parchment document to deteriorate.

C6 damage sub-categories:
C 6.1. Rust accretion, foxing
C 6.2. Glass-like layer
C 6.3. Stain, accretion
C 6.3.1. Handling mark
C 6.3.2. Stain of ink
C 6.4. Ink corrosion
C 6.5. Ink loss, fading
C 6.6. Ink offset
C 6.7. Ink flake off. Detach of parchment
C 6.8. Tear and split
C 6.9. Crease
C 6.10. Cocling
C 6.11. Curling
C 6.12. Pleat, double fold
C 6.13. Fold
C 6.14. Shrinkage
C 6.15. Internal loss
C 6.16. Edge loss
C 6.17. Bloom. Calcite deposit
C 6.18. Microbiological damage, moldy, grazing
C 6.19. Brittle
C 6.20. Rigid, stiff