A 1. Damages and characteristics that result from the properties of the skins

Here those damages and characteristics of parchment are dealt with that are visually discernible on the case of historical parchments, and the causes of which are related to the properties of the skins. These damages were also included that have resulted from not taking into account the differences in properties that can exist on a single skin when cutting a parchment sheet out of a skin and formatting it into a document, a folio, etc.

The properties of the skin can significantly impact the condition of the parchment when it is preserved and handled.

The damages and attributes in this category are:

A1 damage subcategories:
A 1.1. Follicle marks, hair holes
A 1.2. Axilla or the area where limbs are attached to the body
A 1.3. Skeletal evidence marks
A 1.4. Scar tissue
A 1.5. The size of the parchment document
A 1.6. Thickness based on the age of the animal