A 2. Damages and characteristics resulting from the manufacture of parchment

This category includes the damages and attributes of historical parchments that require documentation, which are related to the manufacture of parchment, are visually discernible and may impact the condition of the parchment.

The damages and attributes in this category:

A 2 damage subcategories:
A 2.1. Hole
A 2.2. Hair remains
A 2.3. Striations
A 2.4. Jagged action
A 2.5. Veining, venin evidence, drainage of blood vessels
A 2.6. Variation in thickness
A 2.7. Transparency, opacity
A 2.8. Splitting
A 2.9. Variation of color, surface appearance, matte,semi-matte, glossy surface
A 2.10. Presence of grain layer